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Delivering Sessions During COVID-19

We know you have enough to think about when planning lessons in the current environment. All of our resources are flexibly designed so that they can be delivered in the classroom or virtually. Here are some of our top tips.

  • Use the narration option to record a voiceover of presentation slides, and post them on your school’s VLE page or share via your school’s preferred method. Students can watch and replay the presentations in their own time.
  • When delivering live lessons, try incorporating polls at key points when you want to check understanding.
  • For group work or discussions, you can use online rooms or breakout spaces within the platforms. If possible, use shared annotation or editing so students can work collaboratively.
  • You can also use these spaces to provide extra support or challenges based on your students’ needs.
  • Students may hesitate to speak up, so encourage them to use the private chat feature to ask any questions.