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Sharing across your networks

Young people can help to create a buzz around the census, but their parents will complete the questionnaires so it’s really important that they’re aware and on board. Here are some ideas to help your students get the message home.

  • With our history and geography lesson activities, students will engage their families or guardians and community members to share their stories. This can be a great way to get the message about the census into homes.
  • Students are encouraged to use digital formats to tell their stories, making them perfect to share during a virtual parents’ evening.
  • Support students in taking part in our competition, coming in January. We’re challenging young people to create campaigns to encourage census completion, and they can have a real impact on getting their communities involved.
  • Showcase your school’s activities related to the census through all your school’s communication channels. Send an update in the email newsletter, or post about it on your school’s social media.