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Why teach about the census?

  • The census offers an opportunity to use unique, real-world context to bring curriculum topics to life. We have developed free, engaging lesson resources for PSHE, maths, history, geography and citizenship.
  • Students can find out how census information is used and how it can help them understand their local area.
  • Teaching your students about the census and why it’s important that we all take part will help get the word out in your wider school community. When everyone takes part in the census, this helps ensure your area receives the services and funding that it needs.

The Impact of Census

Wondering how real organisations use census information to make decisions and improvements for young people throughout England and Wales? Have a look at these case studies to find out more.

A scholarship scheme

University College London’s Faculty of the Built Environment wanted to offer scholarships for students from under-represented backgrounds to study topics such as architecture. They used information from the last census to better understand the general population of the UK, and compare that to statistics about their students and professionals working in their field. They were able to identify who was under-represented and who they needed to attract, and the information helped them develop a scholarship scheme that could really make a difference to the local and global community.

Playing with data

Ceredigion council in Wales wanted to develop community areas for everyone to enjoy. They used information from the last census to demonstrate how recreation areas would benefit the local residents, and were able to get funding from the Welsh Government Rural Communities Development Fund. They were able to refurbish two playgrounds, resurface a skate park, and transform a tennis court into a multi-use games area. Census information played an important role in making their vision for a safe and joyful community space a reality.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea to get students more involved in these types of activities, relating school-based lessons to real life scenarios.”
Michelle Gigi, KS3-KS5 maths teacher, Queens School, Bushey, Hertfordshire
“I think this is a very worthwhile topic and the resources would form a very valuable insight into why [census] information is so important.”
Michelle Gigi, KS3-KS5 maths teacher, Queens School, Bushey, Hertfordshire

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